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Lt. General Honore Rocks

October 23, 2008

Honore smacking down a reporter.

Lt. General Honore delivered a blockbuster presentation today.  Here’s a paraphrase from him:

“I’ve been hanging out with CEO’s for the last few weekends.  You know what?  Those are the most pompous pricks I’ve ever met.  Their telling me all kinds of nonsense.  One guy says: ‘Yeah me and my buddies took a few days off and golfed the Hamptons.’  These guys are talking about fly fishing in Montana.  White water rafting in the Colorado River.  They complain about their private jets scheduling conflicts.  I said to these guys: ‘Jesus Christ fellas?  When the hell do you work?”

He went on to talk about honor and duty and that leaders need to take accountability for themselves and their organizations.  He talked about breaking down bureaucracy and argued high level leaders need an open door policy so that junior people can provide all ideas to the “decision making leader” so the “real leader” not the “middle man” can make the decision.

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