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Crappy Floral Suitcase

November 20, 2008

Hello. My name is Elliott Garlock, and I have a floral suitcase.  I have it because:

  1. I’m cheap
  2. It captures attention

If you take yourself seriously, you wouldn’t want my suitcase. My mom bought it (probably at Marshalls) 10 years ago. It’s Pierre Cardin.  It was probably under 100 bucks.  I stole it from her when I started my romps through Asia, Europe and the Caribbean during college.  Me and this suitcase have been all over the world together in different situations and places with a variety of people.  Here’s a few places we’ve been:

  • 4 Star hotel in Hong Kong
  • Family homes in Maharashtra, India
  • Slummy tenement in the outer ring of Shanghai (long story)
  • Business trips throughout the USA
  • Beach hotels in the Caribbean

Everywhere I go, I encounter snickering and pointing.  “Elliott, what the hell is that?  A floral suitcase?  Um.  Ok.”  It crosses all identity groups-nationality, race, age, socio-economic class education level.  Indian children and corporate goons. Frat boys and sophisticates. Puerto Rican taxi cab drivers, as well as Chinese hotel doormen. People really get a rise out of a dude with a floral suitcase.

A man with a floral suitcase is a universal curiosity.

Recently, I’ve embraced the gentle floral pattern of my beloved suitcase.  It’s one of my calling cards.  I’m the dude with the crappy floral suitcase.  And, what are you going to do about it?  Talk about it?  Tease me about it?  Go ahead.  I don’t mind the attention.  It might strike up a conversation.  And, who knows?  Maybe we’ll both make a friend out of the deal.

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