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Sigg is Sexy

December 2, 2008

Why is Sigg sexy?  Because Sigg knows that great marketing is great design paired with great storytelling.


When you hold a Sigg, you just feel like a rockstar.  The sleek, lightweight, aluminium canister radiates “cool.”  I have two Gen Y brothers.  They both separately saw me drinking from my Sigg and they both responded the same way.  They paused.  They gazed.  They pondered.  They asked.  “What’s that, El?”  My response: “It’s a Sigg, dude.  Never heard of one?” 

They both instinctively reached for it.  They wanted to feel the weight in their hands, the texture, the energy, the story in bottle form.


The Sigg story is multifaceted, makes sense, and make you feel smart for buying the product.  Here it is:

  1. Sigg is good for the environment.
  2. Sigg is good for your health.
  3. Sig makes your water taste good.
  4. Sigg saves you money.
  5. Sigg is cool. 

What more could you ask from a $20 bottle.  You get to carry around a customizable bottle that reduces your carbon footprint, protects you from brain cancer, makes your water taste awesome, saves you money vs. buying a bottle of Aquafina everyday, and is an instant “cool signal.”

Sigg is brilliant. 

Marketers tend to get too swept up in minutia. (How much volume can we get if we downcount this cereal box and charge $3.49 instead of $4.69?)

If all marketers did what Sigg does (make an awesome project and tell an awesome story), they wouldn’t need to worry about peripheral crap.  They could just go delight consumers, make the world a better place, make money, and grow market share all at the same time.  Now there’s an idea.

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