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Hal Riney on Success and Courageous Leadership

January 28, 2009

“Whatever success I’ve achieved has come from pretty much doing the opposite of what I’ve been told or expected to do.”

Hal Riney

Sage words from a celebrated and respected adman.  Riney is most recognized for his “Morning in America” campaign for President Reagan’s reelection.  During, Riney’s lifetime, he was known as a demanding manager, a sincere family man, and an advertising genius.

What are you doing today to break the rules, to change the game, to ask the tough questions, to blaze a new path, to make a difference, to smash a big fat dent into the system, to make something better than it was before you entered the scene?

Hal Riney left a big, fat mark on the advertising world.  And, he’s telling all of us that he didn’t do it by dotingly following every rule in the book and kissing every butt on the totem pole.  He did it by acting on his own analysis, trusting his own intuition, and executing the ideas that he believed to be correct rather than the instructions provided.

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